Two big sign of vibration grinding technology progress

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Two big sign of vibration grinding technology progress

Post by vipeakpa on Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:53 pm

By grinding and ultrafine grinding mill vibration characterized surrendered Taiwan industrial grinding inception, has gone through 50 years of development history . In retrospect, can be described as rapid technological change , the device continuously a new , one of the most significant signs can be attributed to two aspects, one is the amplitude from the early 3 ~ 7mm up to 12 ~ 15mm, the mill 's production capacity several times to improve , constrained by the structure and design parameters of the vibration problem of large-scale grinding equipment is expected to yield a large extent through the solution ; Second, the role of the principle vibration grinding crushing operations to expand to high energy efficiency, high crushing ratio advantage including the coarse crushing , fine crushing and grinding various stages can be fully utilized . For the large-amplitude high impact arising from the international engineering community has formed a broad consensus , and as a measure of vibration mill equipment performance boundaries ; while vibration grinding combined with vibrating crusher , the preparation of the high energy consumption of a large body powder is decreased, the efficiency is more significant. Bo Hirata by Japanese scholars , the West bamboo Shigeki et al grinding process shown in Table 1 division and equipment efficiency evaluation of vibration in the coarse crushing and grinding vibration crushing, breaking , crushing and grinding and ultrafine powder grinding stages , the process is relatively simple to prepare more effective. Therefore, the vibration mill development has been in the building materials , chemical industry, metallurgy , mining, non-metallic minerals and refractories and other industries widely used.


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