The Installation Process Of Pendulum Grinder Mill

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The Installation Process Of Pendulum Grinder Mill

Post by vipeakpa on Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:00 pm

A , Pendulum Grinder preparation before installation :
( 1 ) When the Pendulum Grinder transported to the site , for a moment, can not be installed when used, should keep to avoid the sun and rain after the parts to rust. Metal processing exposed surfaces to be painted with anti-rust oil , to establish a regular maintenance system .
( 2 ) the site-specific binding base map , configured with high-grade cement reinforced pouring good base and burying conduit or cable channel to do .
( 3 ) There must be sufficient time for the cement foundation of the solid phase support .
( 4 ) rectangular configuration diagram should be based on the total size of the mill , leaving enough height and position.
( 5 ) milling machine installation site should configure the following for installation . Repair lifting tools : 3R should be a starting weight of 2t lifting tools ; 4R due from the weight of 2-3t lifting tools ; 5R should lifting tools 5t lifting tools ;
( 6 ) The main components such as mill drive . Roller device . Central shaft portion and analyze the oil pool section , from the factory to the use of time not exceeding six months and generally easy to clean and inspect .
( 7 ) Cleaning After checking the transmission parts should add enough grease.
Second, the mill installation:
( A ) the basis of the first gear unit foundation hanging into the pit bottom plane filled with a level meeting the leveling plane on A (5R.6R mill should be leveling drive chassis ) .
( 2 ) The transmission device installed in the A plane and bolted .
( 3 ) B plane with a box base line level meter leveling , calibration points selectable crossover crosshairs four points.
( 4 ) in the calibration cradle B flat , should the base plane and the cement foundation under the contact points as well as at the base and the base pad bolt rubber shock pad ,
(5) CD coupling halves concentricity error no larger than 0.30 mm.
( 6 ) in the two halves of the coupling gap should be maintained in the range of 5-8 mm .
( 7 ) Debu parallelism error no larger than 0.1 mm.
(Cool 5R mill uses a dowel pin coupling . a. coupling halves in the gap of 3-5 mm. b. When connecting two shaft centerline without radial shift, two -axis centerline skew ≤ 0.30. When the two shaft centerline without distortion , allowing the radial displacement of 0.1-0.15 mm.
( 9 ) Electrical equipment should be accurate and reliable.
( 10 ) the location and height of plumbing fixtures assembly diagram should be installed , not arbitrarily change and improve.


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