What effect will have on ball mill grinding efficiency due to ball mill grinding concentration

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What effect will have on ball mill grinding efficiency due to ball mill grinding concentration

Post by vipeakpa on Wed Nov 13, 2013 3:02 pm

After testing we found that the ball mill grinding concentration of 90 %, the mill filling rate low dielectric (20% ) may be useful to obtain greater power , and the larger medium filling rate (35 % ~ 45% ) of the useful power but smaller , VIPEAK proposed main reasons for this phenomenon are: ball mill grinding concentration is higher, especially when 90% of grinding concentration , slurry viscosity , liquidity is poor , very easy to stick in the media ( balls ) on the inner wall surface and the ball mill . Then we know that this will have any effect?
Effect one , concentrated slurry on the ball while stuck in a thin layer is formed on the inner wall of the mill in the small medium filling rates, pulp mill thin wall layer does not substantially affect the ball 's center of gravity , making the ball mill useful power increase will help improve ball mill grinding efficiency, service concept: GeIL company superb craftsmanship and advanced technology has won many honors , VIPEAK more depending on the quality of life, mining flotation machine production, sand separator supply, CWS mill manufacturers, stone crusher production base.
Effect of two , with medium filling rate and pellet ratio improved to increase the absolute amount of pulp , pulp except stick surface of the ball , the ball mill slurry layer formed on the inner wall and more thick , the small diameter of the ball and pulp as the inner wall of the mill stick , resulting in the axial direction of the center of gravity of the media migration, movement relative reduction medium , useful power down , but also reduces the grinding efficiency . At this point the sticky pulp , poor mobility can easily lead to a large pulp mill production accumulation phenomenon that can not be normal ball mill grinding .


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