To complete each record in the process of ball mill commissioning

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To complete each record in the process of ball mill commissioning

Post by paulzhao on Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:38 pm

Mill commissioning of cooling and lubrication system should work properly. Main bearings, transmission bearing , reducer temperature should be normal . Mill commissioning work should seriously do the recording . Mill installation is complete , after passing inspection , commissioning can be empty .
Ball mill commissioning by skilled operatives responsible for , and strictly comply with safety procedures ball .
1 , empty mill operation no less than 12-24 hours of continuous operation , operation found the problem should be solved . Mill air operation can be carried out properly load test machine commissioning . Load test run should be carried out in stages . Load operation should be conducted , as the nesting feeding, avoid unnecessary ball and cylinder liner wear loss and damage.
2 , add the appropriate material and 1/ 3 the number of balls ( the maximum amount of ball mill See description ) commissioning 12-24 hours.
3 , was added to 2 /3 of the number of balls run 24-48 hours.
According mill discharge , the qualified product yield , similar reference to the actual amount of ball mill concentrator to determine the reasonable amount of this station ball mill , be not less than 72 hours of commissioning.
Increase above the amount and duration of load commissioning time to running- gear case size and gear reducer ( temperature , noise, tooth contact , etc. ) as a basis for determining . Before contact with the tooth surface accuracy does not meet the design requirements, may not operate at full capacity .


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