Mill production line of environmental protection and benefits cannot leave a "drop"

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Mill production line of environmental protection and benefits cannot leave a "drop"

Post by paulzhao on Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:41 pm

Mill production process environmental needs subtraction , reduce energy-intensive industries to reduce high pollution industries. Environmental protection without milling machine production line for the environment is polluted , mainly dust and noise pollution , and therefore going to reduce both pollution through reasonable improvements, we really can make dust and noise reduction , basic is a three-step ; sealed high dust equipment, installation dust and spray device , the entire mill production line of the factory shed .
EIA procedures mill production line by reducing dust, noise reduction successfully , but the profit mill production line , but the price depends on the local mill . Today in the acceleration of urbanization , engaged in milling machine manufacturing industry more and more people , so the difficulties faced by milling factory boss is there, how can we ensure efficiency is indeed worth considering.
Factors affecting the efficiency of the mill production line a lot , but we can " drop " to widen profit margins , so that benefits may be raised :
First, to reduce the energy consumption of equipment, energy equipment can be said that the cost of the biggest expenses , so choose advanced rare lubrication equipment , reduce long-term cost of production ;
Second, lower raw material costs , we have this idea of trying to choose the cheap raw materials, such as pebbles on the Gobi Desert , some of the holes left by the tunnel mining slag, gangue mine stripping , construction waste and other solid waste , or itself be able to bid cheap quarry , thereby reducing the cost of raw materials.
Mill production line in the future there will still be growth in demand , "down " if the word good , effective mill production line will be a significant improvement liters.


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