What should pay attention to the diesel engine of ball mill ?

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What should pay attention to the diesel engine of ball mill ?

Post by paulzhao on Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:52 pm

A ball mill equipment, ball mill liner , ball are very important, but it is also very important diesel equipment , diesel engines only in ensuring normal use , the mill equipment in order to truly achieve the desired effect , because the process is not in use external factors disrupt the efficiency of some of the mill equipment.
In the full set of equipment to use in diesel mill at work should pay attention to what ? When using diesel fuel of choice , the choice of diesel pour point than the local , the temperature was 2 ~ 3 ℃, in order to ensure that when the minimum temperature , the diesel will not affect the work due to solidification . Added before the diesel fuel tank must be sufficiently precipitated ( less than 48 hours ) , so that water and impurities diesel adequately separated. Especially for the 1075 pilot mill , should pay attention to this, because this type of ball mill machine is equipped with a pump rotor separation , if there is oil in the water and impurities can cause pump oil off . Also note that in the understanding of these roar ball after every job , in good diesel engine will be added to precipitate the tank and, before work , the tank water tank water and impurities let go . During use, do not use frozen if the oil roasted , to prevent fires .


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