Ultrafine mill improves the use space of illite

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Ultrafine mill improves the use space of illite

Post by paulzhao on Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:57 pm

Illite is of a new mineral , is a common clay minerals , produced in argillaceous rocks , often by the muscovite , feldspar weathering or alteration by other minerals made with potassium-rich , high alumina , low iron , as well as smooth , bright, delicate, heat-resistant , low hardness superior physical and chemical properties, illite application in industry is extremely broad , after the crushing mill processed into a fine powder that can be used multiple areas ceramics, potash , and advanced coatings , fillers, senior cosmetics , paper and so on.

Sinovac Heavy production of medium-speed micro powder ultrafine mill is the accumulation of decades of basic mill production experience, absorb foreign advanced manufacturing technologies powder mill , and after 20 times of testing and improvements development of a new ultra-fine powder processing equipment, continuous grinding mill using extension methods , the material for grinding cycle times while making a powder finer granularity , high grinding efficiency , low energy consumption , the processing of ultra- illite choose a prime powder equipment , milling machinist by ring medium speed ultra-fine powder after illite achieved in ceramics, paper, senior cosmetics , and advanced coatings and fillers in a wide range of applications , greatly enhance the illite value.


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