How to solve the problem of grinding mill bearing fevering

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How to solve the problem of grinding mill bearing fevering

Post by zhaopaul on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:16 pm

Bearing overheated bearing on a milling machine is the more important parts, its performance directly affects the normal operation of the equipment and production efficiency. Process equipment operation , the user should pay special attention to heat and noise bearing parts of the bearing abnormal to early treatment .
( 1 ) two bearing spiky , or motor rotor mill rotor misalignment , will receive an additional load bearing impact , causing the bearing to overheat. This occurs , should immediately stop troubleshooting, in order to avoid premature bearing damage.
Mainly ( 2 ) too much oil in the bearing , or aging is caused by too little bearing overheating and damage , so that use sheet according to claim time quantitative filling oil , general lubrication of the bearing space 70% - 80% , too much or too little is not conducive to bearing lubrication and heat transfer. Bearing prolong its life.
( 3 ) with the bearing cap and shaft tight , with the bearing and the shaft too tight or too loose will lead bearing overheating. Once this problem occurs in the equipment operation, will issue an audible and obvious friction swing . Remove the bearings should be shut down . Dressing friction parts , and then re-assembled as required .
If you use the mill process problems can be directly linked with our technical department to resolve. Sinovac Heavy sincerely for your services.


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