The purchase methods of grinding mill equipment

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The purchase methods of grinding mill equipment

Post by tonyttube on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:49 pm

1, see signs
① Check the product trademark , name and address , certificate are complete ;
② from the product packaging point of view , the whole packaging should be solid and reliable ; package shall be labeled with the implementation of the standard code , random file including product manual, warranty card , product certification , etc. ;
③ Check the production license logo, regular mill companies have achieved a production license , plate or in an enterprise usually marked on the certificate of its production license number .
2, to see the machine safety guards
① security guards watching the rotating part : watching the belt drive and other exposed moving parts for security guards ;
② to see whether the safety warning signs : the dangerous parts of the machine should be pasted with a corresponding warning signs , such as feeding port should be " forbidden to reach into the grinder work " , the machine should be prominently spindle turning signs, etc. ;
③ see matching motor : If the machine is supported by the motor should check whether the motor has national compulsory 3C certification mark , in addition to checking whether the motor is a reliable grounding device .
3, see the appearance of
① see Materials : look at the machine using the plate is smooth , whether the waste material ;
② to see the quality of welding : Check the machine , racks, etc. The welding shield is solid, the weld is uniform , with seamless welding , burn , unsoldering phenomenon ;
③ watch assembly quality : Check the entire component is complete , all parts are easy to scratch people with flash, burrs , all turning gear is rotating flexible, and there should be no catching loosening.
4 , test machine check
Grinding equipment must be powered buy air operation, observe the machine runs smoothly , with or without abnormal noise and larger vibration, touch the bearing at the same time to observe whether the apparent increase in its temperature .
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