Mistakes should be avoided when grinding mill be used

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Mistakes should be avoided when grinding mill be used

Post by tonyttube on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:56 pm

First , improper installation :
1 , milling machine installed using brute force, a direct hit with a hammer on the bearing bearing greatest harm ; is caused by deformation of the main reasons.
2, the installation is not in place , install a deviation or not attached to the bearing position , causing the bearing clearance is too small. Inside and outside the ring is not in uniform rotation center , resulting in different heart .
Recommendation: Select the appropriate or professional bearing installation tool , use special detection equipment installed .
Second, poor lubrication
According to the survey , poor lubrication premature bearing damage is caused by one of the main . Main reasons include: not timely filling lubricant or lubricants ; lubricants or lubricants are not filling in place ; lubricant or lubricant improper selection ; Lubrication inaccurate and so on.
Recommendation: Select the correct lubricant or lubricants, lubricant filling the use of accurate manner .
Third, pollution
Pollution can lead to premature bearing damage , pollution is a dust , metal shavings from entering the bearing. Main reasons include: bearing packaging prior to use to open prematurely , causing pollution ; installation dirty work environment , causing pollution ; bearing dirty work environment , the working medium pollution.
Recommendation: Do not open before using the best packaging bearing ; installed to keep the environment clean installation of mill bearings to be used for cleaning ; enhanced bearing seals .
Fourth, fatigue
Fatigue damage is damage to the bearing common way . Common fatigue damage may be caused by : bearing long-term overload operation ; did not timely maintenance ; improper maintenance ; equipment aging.
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