Grinding mill can process tailings very well

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Grinding mill can process tailings very well

Post by tonyttube on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:58 pm

Utilization of mineral resources in China is relatively low , the recovery rate is much lower than in developed countries . Metallurgical and mining tailings volume of annual emissions of more than 150 million tons , of which the average iron grade of 11% , some as high as 27%. Also of mineral resources in China , rich in associated components , including iron ore, there are about 30 kinds of valuable components , which can not be recycled metals is still left in the tailings , the annual loss of a large number of valuable mineral resources. With increased levels of beneficiation technology , development and utilization of tailings has become secondary resources, but also some traditional mineral tailings become a non- traditional mineral raw materials.
Increasingly depleted in the ore resources depleting today, in order to improve the utilization of mineral resources , to extend the service life , but also for the protection of the ecological environment of human beings , there is growing emphasis on comprehensive utilization of tailings and governance issues. Use crusher, mill tailings and other mining crushing machinery will re- use is a better tailings disposal methods.
In tailings disposal and reuse of Vipeak Grinder has a unique advantage , Vipeak milling machine has low energy consumption , large output, less pollution performance characteristics , more in line with the call of the national energy saving .
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