The development of Vipeak grinding mill could meet the market demand

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The development of Vipeak grinding mill could meet the market demand

Post by tonyttube on Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:00 pm

Mill from the introduction of technology has now been many years , coupled with the rapid development in recent years , the industry as a whole mill equipment performance to the next level and become a force powder process equipment .
With the development of national economy , the requirements are changing for the powder , the powder fineness on extending a broader range requirements , and sometimes necessary, need to specify a specific range , which for the mill equipment , the requirements are very high . The development trend of modern powder tells us not only mill performance should be stable, high standards of quality , functionality should be complete, to be able to handle 30 mesh coarse powder to thousands of purpose , addition is to have the powder within the specified range grinding capacity , is to intelligent, can keep grinding within the specified range , upper and lower deviation to constantly shrinking.
Vipeak Heavy Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co. mill equipment , compact structure , good performance, smooth running, good wear resistance, produce low noise, low energy consumption , high excess from the quality and performance of the device while upgrading both sides with new to the customer is not the same experience. give full play to the green mill equipment advantages , to promote the development of green powder pave Keep mill diversified development , to ensure mill stand-alone performance improvements, is our powder greatest contribution ; continue to reduce costs and improve value for money , in order to truly return customers.
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