Large stone crusher promote new harmonious society

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Large stone crusher promote new harmonious society

Post by vipeak588 on Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:43 pm

Lunan hills , limestone, iron ore and other mineral -rich, easy to exploit . Due to the long mass exploitation , resulting in damage to the mountain and dust pollution, the ecological environment has become increasingly apparent in the region in order to achieve the harmonious development of large-scale integration of resources , elimination of remediation at small workshops , etc. quarrying , mining ore to further manage and medium-sized enterprises . Vipeak Heavy pollution of large stone crusher , low consumption, high production power , successful candidates crushers most environmentally friendly energy-saving equipment .
Government issued a notice within the city deployed to carry out open-pit mine and mine ecological environment in special work , decided to use three years or so , basically shut down within the quarry and other open-pit mines , repair governance damaged mountains, to build a " happy new village" create a harmonious natural environment. Local limestone rich in mineral resources , but also a major source of revenue the local economy , limestone processing equipment demanding , some small manufacturers failed to reach the required equipment , Vipeak Heavy stone crusher can add new dust removal equipment , quality and quantity at the same time , reduce damage to the environment , and promote the development of local and harmonious new society .
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