Grinding mill application in chemical field

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Grinding mill application in chemical field

Post by vipeak588 on Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:54 am

In the past, people only know as activated clay bentonite raw material , it is not true , the nature of the mineral soil with clay can be used as raw material for activated clay , such as kaolinite clay, montmorillonite clay, sepiolite clay, attapulgite and so on. Meerschaum made ​​recently by the activated clay Hunan , Zhejiang and found the b-axis disordered kaolinite can also be activated clay , Shandong successfully developed for the use of activated clay purifying agent residue feedstock . Such activated clay materials more widely . But we usually refer to as activated clay bentonite activated clay is the raw material .
  Activated clay due to the large specific surface area , adsorption capacity, high bleaching efficiency ; low activity level , no chemical reaction occurs with grease and other chemicals ; filters for liquid bleaching fast speed, low residue , such as edible oil bleaching , sugar bleaching , etc. ; after bleaching liquid transparent clear, stable quality, no smell, no color back , not back to the acid ; use of the product, appropriate treatment can be carried out through secondary use , will not cause environmental pollution and other advantages of widely used products adsorbents, clay tablets , NCR chromogenic agent .
  Bentonite is a need we all know processed by the mill to use , since there is also activated clay bentonite clay obtained , then the use of milling machines indispensable process steps , of course , the general fineness of 400 mesh or less in dimension Heavy Branch recommended raymond mill ,400 -800 purpose can use high pressure mill or ultrafine mill , more than 800 mesh or 1000 mesh can be used tricyclic ultrafine mill or mill , as well as my company the new V -type roller mill machine overpressure , the European version of the mill and other options , Vipeak Heavy heartily welcome ore grinding manufacturers advice.
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