The new ball mill solve problems blocking material to develop high-yielding

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The new ball mill solve problems blocking material to develop high-yielding

Post by vipeak588 on Tue Aug 12, 2014 9:56 am

In the high-speed development of market economy , China 's economic development alone show the world, but with high input, high consumption, high pollution and low-cost labor and factory pull mode when the world development, but also led to environmental and ecological damage and technological innovation lag one series of sequels. Today China's large population , the power consumption is relatively high , especially industrial electricity consumption is huge . Power brings convenience to our work and life, but also the power plant exhaust emissions on the environment is also a great deal of pollution, energy saving environmental protection of our bounden .
   Henan is an important production base for ball mill , ball mill has become the largest domestic manufacturer of origin, Henan mill market is more and more customers' attention. Processing equipment in grinding, sorting equipment, should grasp the future development of energy cooperation and the introduction of ultra- fine crushing equipment should increase the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology and equipment to work to improve the overall level of China's iron ore technical equipment as soon as possible to speed up the ball mill grinding equipment energy consumption, high productivity growth. Meanwhile, in the process of using a ball mill feed mode and clogging problem has plagued mill customers, and now focuses on its solution.
   We used to talk about the big ball over clogging problems, blockage , the feed mill port congestion is congestion in an important aspect. When we are faced with the inlet blockage , we most commonly used approach is to reduce the feed rate , when the production of stable feed rate plus we go again , this is a way to deal with congestion problems , but in this may be carried out under the regular method of handling large ball mill , the production will be maximized only momentary , this state would not have been sustained . Under these conditions , we have from the first feed mill and feed mode devices starting to see from these two aspects can not solve the problem fundamentally feed mill , the mill in order to be able to maximize production.
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