The impact of mine shaker production and screening efficiency factors are those

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The impact of mine shaker production and screening efficiency factors are those Empty The impact of mine shaker production and screening efficiency factors are those

Post by vipeakanna on Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:06 pm

Shaker in the mining, chemical, metallurgy and other industries have applied, according to the excitation also many types of different ways , including mine vibrating screen works about the same. So the main factors affecting mine shaker screening efficiency of production and what sodium?

Impact of mine shaker, trommel efficiency factors can be simply divided into
Structural vibration sieve , sieve material nature is working operating conditions and so on. Wherein the configuration parameters include the shaker screen surface width and length , inclination of the screen surface , the mesh size , shape, and opening ratio.
As to the nature of the material and working conditions on mine shaker is relatively easy to understand , then shaker screen surface structure , especially what impact the efficiency of screening na ?

mine shaker screen surface width and length
Generally , mining vibrating sieve determine the width of the sieve surface capacity , the wider the screen surface , the greater the yield ; ore determine screening efficiency and with a vibration sieve sieve surface length , the longer the screen surface , the higher the efficiency , screening more clean. However, the mine increased shaker screen frame width is limited structural strength . Generally, the larger the width , the shorter the life of the screen frame . Our mining vibrating sieve width generally less than 3m, while some countries sieve wide 5.5m. Mine shaker design and production process is generally in determining the width of the screen , then the ratio of the screen according to the structure longer than OK. Mine shaker aspect ratio to use more two coal vibrating screen with an aspect ratio of 2.5 .
mine vibrating sieve surface inclination
Screen angle effect on sieve size is relatively easy to understand. Screen surface inclination large, easy to discharge oversize material , large capacity, and sometimes inclined installation screen surface , the speed of the screen surface material layer on the fast forward movement , but the screen surface material stays shortened, reducing the particles through the sieve opportunity to reduce the screening efficiency . That is not easy to sieve clean.
mine shaker sieve , shape and opening rate
The larger the mesh unit area of the screen , the higher processing capacity , the production of the screen , the larger the particle size of conventional screening , so that the mesh size is usually equal to mesh ; mesh , but when the requirement is small, mesh sieve size should be slightly larger than that ; for approximate screening , much larger than the mesh sieve size .
Common mesh shape shape of round, square and rectangular are three circular and square mesh sieve was obtained in a more regular , and the flaky particles are easily leave out the strip from the rectangular meshes , Thus , a rectangular mesh is generally less available. However, in the wet sieving , viscous materials , if the long side of the rectangular sieve ( sieve often called seam) along the moving direction of the material is arranged on the sieve , the sieve can reduce obstacles to the material , thereby reducing clogging . In constant mesh size , the larger the opening rate of screening the more favorable rates often restricted opening screen surface strength , life .
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