VIPEAK stone product line is more suitable for granite stone crushing work

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VIPEAK stone product line is more suitable for granite stone crushing work Empty VIPEAK stone product line is more suitable for granite stone crushing work

Post by vipeakpaul on Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:32 pm

Granite in construction, highway, high-speed railway is the cornerstone of infrastructure construction in the construction of the material.Granite stone owner very good market prospects, but these stones and broken up very difficult.So in the face of the difficulties and opportunities, manufacturers continue to be a stone production line, easy and efficient to solve these problems
Granite generally produced in south China, southwest region, while the granite crushing processing is difficult, can be in stone production line and sand production line of development of these areas are promising.Star mechanical stone production line technology upgrade, brings to the debris field of the customer a lot of profits, has achieved considerable comprehensive benefits.Mechanism of granite is of high quality raw material for sand, but the high silicon content, corrosion resistance, hardness is very big, this is for granite crushing processing problems are put forward.Because the corrosive bigger materials to crusher wear parts loss is very serious, it's to a certain extent, cause production cost, maintenance cost is too high.
VIPEAK mechanical aiming at this problem, out of the high wear resistance of high chromium composite hammer and new type of composite plate of hubei.High chrome composite hammer head using the latest patented technology solve the problem of hammer crusher hammer wear serious, life of hammer head can be improved by 200%.Star stone production line a high degree of automation, the stone production line in addition to equipment boot downtime and maintenance besides, hardly need manual operation.This stone production line for production of high efficiency, low operating cost, large output, high yield.Finished product gravel granularity, grain shape is good, accord with national highway material requirements.We provide comprehensive pre-sale, sale, after-sale services, according to customer's production site to configure the process, makes every effort to do for the customer the most reasonable and economic of stone production line.
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