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New technologies of ball mill motor drive part

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New technologies of ball mill motor drive part Empty New technologies of ball mill motor drive part

Post by vipakpau on Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:26 pm

Cement mill , mining, metallurgy , power generation, ceramics and other industries essential mining equipment . Most companies using ordinary Y series motor or slip speed motor drag mill equipment , there is a difficulty in starting , <a href="">ball mill</a> low operating efficiency, long grinding time , unit power consumption higher defects. VIPEAK mill drive motor is part of Shandong Branch Electric Company to develop energy-efficient switched reluctance motor control system that can replace the existing ordinary motor or slip speed motor , to achieve lower costs and improve efficiency effects.
In order to solve the problems of ordinary mill motors are usually started with a star - delta starter motor while increasing the capacity of the way , and the normal operation of the motor load is less than the rated motor load , causing big horse car phenomenon, energy wastage . A star - delta starter mode when the load carried by the motor is large, resulting in very difficult when the motor starts , often after several start, the ball after the formation of a certain coherence to start up . And starting current is very large, the impact of serious harm to the grid , sometimes occur burned contactors, circuit , motor and so on. Impact and mechanical parts , reduce the life of the equipment. Normal production to bring some threats and undue economic losses. Using slip speed motor start difficult problem to solve , but the low slip speed efficiency , equipment maintenance for large users of energy wastage caused by maintenance problems and other issues can not be solved mill reality.


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