Detailed introduction of ball mill using

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Detailed introduction of ball mill using Empty Detailed introduction of ball mill using

Post by vipakpau on Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:57 pm

The ball mill is widely used, ball mill grinding is the most widely used in the industry. As a large-scale mineral processing equipment suppliers, the mill produced 60% of the work for the plant , grinding process is to continue crushing , the ore in the last pre- sorting process . The purpose is to make the grinding of ore to reach all or most useful component monomer separation . While also try to avoid " excessive wear " phenomenon. And sorting operations to achieve the required particle size in order to create conditions for sorting ore operations efficiently recover useful components .
Mill use description:
First, before starting to prepare:
1 , to check whether someone within hazardous locations .
2, check whether all lubrication points lubricant oil level appropriate to add insufficient .
3 , the check ball mill filling rate of compliance.
4, check the mill body liner bolts, bolts , etc. and cylinder grinding head bolts are loose and reliably tighten.
5, the manhole cover tightly secured and reliable .
6 , check whether the bolt hole and into the cylinder bore , etc. There are leaking powder and eliminate the phenomenon .
7 , the first test run or the long-term re-start should be the first stop after grinding to the ends of the hollow bearing poured a small amount of lubricating oil, and artificial disc refiner week , or "jog " revolution , confirming that no anomalies.
8 , and front and rear contact about jobs , get the ball in order to allow the start of the start signal .
Second, the starting sequence:
1, the starting powder output device.
2 , starting mill .
3 , starting feeder .
Third, the shutdown sequence:
1 , stop feeding machine .
2 , stop ball . Long-term stop grinding balls and material blood should be empty .
3 , the conveyor continues to run on the machine to discharge the material after their stop.


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