Germany's sand making machine equipment technology is worth learning

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Germany's sand making machine equipment technology is worth learning

Post by vipeak888 on Tue May 06, 2014 3:40 pm

Cartoons, we've been like Japanese animation,sand making machine and sand production equipment technology, we must study German, constantly improve the sand making machine equipment technology.
Mention of sand making machine equipment, we tend to think of Germany, because it is relatively high sand production equipment technology, is worth our learning.Recent centrifugal sand making machine, the new factory with the sand making machine equipment cannot go beyond the performance and other advantages, it adopts double cavity rotor patent design, able to counterattack plate and sand bed or annular plate collision between to broken, it is mainly used for plastic material crushing and cube, when feeding, can enter the 100 mm below the stone, material can pour down from the feed port at the same time, so as to realize no block production.Has economical and practical, low abrasion, finished product grain type, etc.
Zhengzhou VIPEAK sand factory after continuous research and study, has successfully developed a new type of centrifugal sand making machine equipment, after launching market, won the public's esteem and favor, is more major quality guarantee, lower prices than other, meet the requirements of the customer economic material benefit.Welcome to factory inspection.


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