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What is the difference between vertical mill and high pressure mill?

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What is the difference between vertical mill and high pressure mill? Empty What is the difference between vertical mill and high pressure mill?

Post by paulzhao on Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:34 pm

Development of China's rapid development of various industries are closely linked ; especially mill industry ; under the national government 's support policies , product upgrading , making our mill industry sales have been good , but also exports around the world.
     Today, the Branch-Heavy to serve you on the next mill products. Focuses on the differences between vertical milling machine with high pressure grinding ; so that when customers select the device to be more aware of their need is which device . Vertical milling machine is relatively early in the product ; With the development of society, now use the vertical mill has been relatively small, but there is a certain market ; mainly used in steel mills, thermal power plants, cement plants and coal ash gangue lot of milling processes ; used in these factories is mainly due to the fineness of customer demand does not need too much , there is not much demand for powder requirements ; while production is relatively high , so that the vertical mill is suitable for large powder mill production.
     The high pressure mill is a product of modern times ; also currently one of the more popular grinding equipment ; deal between powder 80-800 mesh ; fineness uniform ; yield between 5-10 tons. Was the favorite in calcite , kaolin, dolomite and marble ore grinding process , one can often see high pressure mill figure. There are many on the market, manufacturers have produced high-pressure grinding, as Hartcourt -Heavy , accompanied by high-pressure sand mill production as well as powder and superfine grinding mill .
     After the above description , the difference is obvious. Suitable for use in large-scale vertical mill grinding process , the requirements are not very high on the grinding process ; while high pressure mill grinding process is suitable for use in mines , and the finished product requirements are relatively higher. Customers can choose according to their needs to mill products , of course, you can also listen to the views Sinovac Heavy salesperson ; to help customers select the device type .


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