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Impact crusher and hammer crusher compared advantages

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Impact crusher and hammer crusher compared advantages Empty Impact crusher and hammer crusher compared advantages

Post by Wed Feb 26, 2014 6:26 pm

Impact crusher and hammer crusher is a very common type of crusher, crusher model determines the purpose of the crusher, and there is no absolute sense of the kind of crusher is better.Today we'll discuss, in some areas counterattack crusher for the advantages of hammer crusher, exactly?
A, big counterattack crusher can effectively deal with moisture content of materials, and can no longer configuration sieve plate can prevent the machine from blocking phenomenon.Just retaliate inlet and plate between a heating device, thus prevent the caking property of the material, also don't have to cause the machine jams.
2, counterattack crusher can adjust the mobile space of rotor speed, the grinding chamber way partical size of the machine, adjust the way of its flexibility is much greater than the hammer crusher.
Third, on the choice of materials, counterattack crusher has a wider scope of application.Counterattack crusher adopts fixed rotor structure, the moment of inertia of the rotor can bring more power for the machine, so that the back broken equipment on the broken hard material, more comfortable, at the same time, the energy of counterattack crusher is relatively low.
Four, counterattack crusher structure is simple, less wearing parts, maintenance maintenance cost is relatively reduced, which in turn became the counter device overcome hammer breaking a big advantage.Eight counterattack broken rotor is installed on board hammer (in each rotor), while there are more than 100 hammer broken, in terms of quantities, back than hammer breaking is much simple.
In conclusion, compared with wearing parts wear and tear strength, fight than hammer breaking machine utilization is higher, and less wear range.So, whether from the technical aspect, or from the aspect of maintenance counterattack crusher are presented the big advantage more than hammer crusher.Counterattack crusher is indeed the best choice for crushing of materials.
impact crusher:
impact crusher:

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