VIPEAK heavy industry realize sand making machine technology upgrades

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VIPEAK heavy industry realize sand making machine technology upgrades Empty VIPEAK heavy industry realize sand making machine technology upgrades

Post by vipeak888 on Wed Mar 12, 2014 3:42 pm

China sand making machine, like the one in the world occupy the position of the "leader" in market economy, we must adjust the industrial structure and the upgrading of equipment technology.
VIPEAK system sand machine, sand making production lines and various kinds of sand production equipment for the national twelfth five-year infrastructure has made a significant contribution to the society, by the praise of customers around, VIPEAK never stop, the company does not meet the present situation, we will continue to increase efforts in r&d and production of sand making production line for sand making production line industry leader.
VIPEAK system sand machine armed with science and technology upgrade, the company often cooperate with outside experts, the use of transverse joint, the combination of inside and outside, linked to both some scientific research institutes, grafting methods such as using technology, develop high technical content of products, at the same time introduced technology product.Comprehensive national five-year social infrastructure construction, sand and gravel aggregate severe shortage of ordinary sand making equipment output have been unable to meet the needs of national construction sand and gravel aggregate, technology innovation reform is imminent, VIPEAK mining machinery co., LTD as first-class enterprise specializing in the production of sand production equipment, has begun to sand production equipment to conduct a comprehensive upgrade, at present, the basic shape has come, to safety, environmental protection, energy conservation as the goal, at the same time to increase the speed and quality of discharge, and meet the needs of the country's social infrastructure construction.
VIPEAK machine is engaged in the construction system of sand production line equipment manufacturing, research and development, sales of international professional enterprises, the company's products are exported to overseas.Company production system sand machine, sand making production line and various kinds of sand making equipment for stone processing quality reach GB14685-2001 standards, complete sets of sand production equipment processing quality achieves GB14684-2001 standard, and reached the international advanced level.
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