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Sand making machine delivery loading

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Sand making machine delivery loading Empty Sand making machine delivery loading

Post by vipeak888 Tue May 06, 2014 3:39 pm

Sand making machine device is a big project, should not be despised.Sand making machine must device on the warp and woof of concrete,sand making machine and concrete bearing to several times their own weight should be equipment, such ability to safe consumption specification.Sand making machine work can big, force is big, the equipment of the warp and woof of strong sex is safe consumption.Another device to make the system sand machine spindle and degree of surface vertical, sand making machine with sufficient space to above, used to the peace of sand making machine maintenance.
Sand making machine equipment before, according to the packing list to stop counting, check whether there is any damage on various parts in the process of transportation, spare parts and spare parts can be complete.The adjustment of the machine crusher, before they go out factory operation inside the plant has stopped for several hours, the ministries are normal, even so, after the device is in place at the scene of the system sand machine, still should stop comprehensive check can smooth tubing connection is reliable, should be to add a oil before test run.Can check each unit cohesion, strong, carefully check whether there is foreign body, on the impeller should be timely cleaning.Check the motor wiring correctly.


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