The ball level of ball mill in the two work stage

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The ball level of ball mill in the two work stage Empty The ball level of ball mill in the two work stage

Post by vipeakpa on Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:54 pm

Model in a ball mill , installation , speed , ore hardness and so were finished, we will consider the problem of matching ball mill .VIPEAK mechanical sum , generally matching degree of ball milling surface according to the diameter , hardness minerals , ore particle size into the ball mill , ball hardness ( mass ) , ball speed and other factors to determine the ratio of balls to add columns. Good ball mill ball mill is a high-yield grading promotion ladder , so th link specializes is necessary, which we described in two stages .
( A ) run-in period of the ball mill dosage :
Typically, there is a newly installed mill running-in process , in the running of the process, the amount of balls first added , accounting for the largest ball mill for 80% , the proportion of balls can be added ball size (ф120mm, ф100mm, ф80mm , ф60mm, ф40mm) size added .
The added amount of balls : Different models of its assembly of ball mill different . For example, 1500 × 3000 mill ( capacity 100-150 tons ) maximum amount of ball 9.5-10 tons. First added ball big ball (ф120mm-ф100mm) accounted for 30% - 40% , 40% of the ball 80mm - 30% , small balls (ф60 and ф40mm) accounted for 30% , why in the steel mill running-in process Add only 80 percent of ball , because the ball mill installed , ball size requires meshing teeth , in that the amount of ( ore ) is to gradually increase until the mill normal continuous operation two or three days , stopping ball check size gear case , to be everything is normal , open the manhole cover second ball mill to add the remaining 20% due to the ball .
( 2 ) after the operation of the ball mill officially added amount :
Mill start running normally, each class by adding ball 3:4:3 (ф120mm of 3, ф100mm to 4, ф80mm 3 ) added . Note: Small balls plus the addition of only the first ball with use. Because, during normal operation the ball mill with steel balls, steel balls and ores, steel balls and ball mill liner friction generated between the rational , will wear increases, the big ball small ( of the ball mill ) , the ball is small balls. So usually normal circumstances, not coupled with the ball.
Plus a small ball situation is useful minerals in size without monomer dissociation , when the mill fineness reach flotation requirements, you can add a small amount of the ball . Ball mill the constant wear and tear during operation , the filling rate in order to keep the ball bearing and ball reasonable proportion to maintain the stable operation of the ball , the ball must be reasonably up , low wear compensation .
Ball added weight , based on the quality of the ball , the ball their quality , determine the added amount of consumption of tons of ore . Therefore, the choice of ball mill efficiency related to the upgrade. Our best use of new grinding steel balls . The best ( good quality ) is added at the ball to calculate the amount per tonne of ore processed ( ie per tonne of ore add 0.8kg) general processing one ton of ore required Ball (1kg-1.2kg). Ball mill models of different size ratio of its different ratio . Ball diameter 2500mm below to add ball size ф100mm, ф80mm, ф60mm. Mill in 2500 than in diameter , add ball size ф120mm, ф100mm, ф80mm.


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