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What are the common problems in the process of ball mill?

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What are the common problems in the process of ball mill? Empty What are the common problems in the process of ball mill?

Post by paulzhao Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:47 pm

Recently, a lot of customer inquiries mill many problems encountered in the process of using this connection, Sinovac Heavy Industries Technical Department on this as we summed up the mill process of using three common problems and to answer , we want to wear daily operations powder helpful.
One . Roller mill , disc repair liner wear
Mill roller body and liner wear during use , once with the gap will increase the wear between the body and liner , coupled with the hot surface of cement particles and the continuous erosion, resulting in the generation of trench , resulting in impact collision occurs between the body and the liner , the liner makes serious cracks or fracture , damage to the machine , especially damage to the gearbox , resulting in serious incidents .
Two . Mill roller bearing chamber wear repair
Mill roller assembly requirements more stringent bearings , businesses generally use dry ice to cool the bearing on the way the assembly . Once a gap occurs between the bearing and the bearing chamber , it will affect the normal operation of the bearing, resulting in bearing fever , severe burning phenomenon will cause the bearing .
Three . Mill Reducer leakage control
Mill Reducer leakage not only affect the appearance of the machine , and waste oil, repairs and maintenance of equipment to cause a lot of trouble . 25551 3223 fast cure materials with rubber repair materials can not shut down, the site of the leak to govern, simple operation, good control effect.


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