The precautions of grinding mill

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The precautions of grinding mill Empty The precautions of grinding mill

Post by tonyttube on Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:51 pm

Mill during operation , attention should be
1 pneumatic riser movement of material within the state , if the material off the signs of feeding should be timely flow conditioning equipment , and adjust the front of the equipment , for diversion.
2 To view the mill grinding chamber whether the accumulation of material in order to prevent the export of blockage ; heart blockage occurred after exclusion grinding , rolling away from the need to check the suction channel is unobstructed.
3 Compressed air pressure is normal and stable , piping , and whether there are air leaks at the interface of water , open drain switch emissions.
4 For manual operation of the device , once off the need for timely feed back roller.
Rolling mill in the regulation distance , you should also pay attention to the following three points :
1 roller mill across the state should be basically the same thing the next , to the thickness of the material , the temperature should be the same .
(2) adjustment should observe the ammeter indication. On the same equipment , rolling away from the smaller motor load heavier , should prevent motor overload .
3 Be careful not to roll distance is less than the minimum limit value, to prevent two roll collide ; rolling mill minimum distance limit devices during operation should not be adjusted .
Mill feed chute has some oblique :
If the mill feed chute has a certain slope , but should pay attention to the product quantity shall barrel is too small, or likely to cause material rolled into unilateral . The height of the material into the barrel than two-thirds height of the cylinder , the plot quantity too easily lead to blockage of the front of the device . If the device for the automatic control of feed flow rate , generally it is set at this time the shutter has reached the maximum opening degree . Although big opening degree adjusting the feed flow rate can be increased accumulation of material leaving the barrel decreased, but increased flow will enable the channel after the equipment, transportation of materials and subsequent pneumatic riser equipment load increases, the valve should open a large integrated manner Note that all aspects of the change .
Incoming usually heavy traffic in front of the device is operating malfunction caused in dealing with such problems , you should focus on examination of mill equipment in front of the work . Once the flow returns to normal , the need to make the feed valve restitution.
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