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The role of grinding mill for ore

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The role of grinding mill for ore Empty The role of grinding mill for ore

Post by tonyttube Wed Feb 05, 2014 1:01 pm

In nature there are many minerals, these minerals are architectural, engineering, railways good material used , how rational use of these ores, choose what kind of milling machine to handle such natural resources is a more difficult problem.
How rational development and utilization of a variety of ores is particularly important , Shanghai a tripod heavy professional class ore mill energy efficient, long life wearing parts , security, high reliability , high yield, fineness , environmentally friendly cleaning . Work, the hosts and the spindle drive motor through reducer rotating turntable , turntable edge of the roll pin driven dozens of roller raceway in the inner ring rolling mill . Bulk material by hammer crusher into small particles after the elevator into the storage bin , and then through vibration feeder and sloping feeding tube , the material evenly to the upper part of the bulk material turntable plate . Materials under the action of centrifugal force scattered around the circle , and fall into the grinding ring raceway inner ring rollers are shock, roll rolling , grinding, after a three- ring road into a powder processing , high pressure air through the suction effect of the external air sucked into the machine , and the crushed material powder with a selected machine . The powder inside the rotating impeller and the crude material down regrinding , to meet the requirements of the powder with the air into the cyclone powder collector by its lower exhaust discharge valve shall be finished , but with a small amount of air is through the fine dust after purification by means of pulse dust collector and muffler exhaust fan . The majority of mill manufacturers use a good choice .
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