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counterattack crusher and hammer crusher comparative analysis

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counterattack crusher and hammer crusher comparative analysis Empty counterattack crusher and hammer crusher comparative analysis

Post by vipeakanna Fri Feb 21, 2014 1:08 pm

Box crusher is also called side car crusher, hammer crusher and counterattack, are commonly used in limestone crushing equipment. Shandong and Henan Gongyi production box limestone crusher is widely used in the production line, as represented in Xinxiang full heavy hammer crusher, limestone crusher is also widely used . So these two hammer crusher What are the characteristics na ?
Distinguishing Features box crusher and hammer crusher Analysis
PLC Series pc box is broken hammer hammer crusher crushing chamber improvements, the installation of the cross above the grain can not solve the ordinary hammer to break into the aniseed problem. Box hammer to break out of material similar to the shape of an ordinary hammer broke, beneath the grate plate is circular sieve to avoid the problem of excessive flaky .
When working in the motor rotor disk drive , the drive to make high-speed hammer circular motion , when the material into the crushing chamber , bulk materials stacked on the machine in the middle burden of ad hoc , particle size is smaller than the gap with the new burden of material along the tangential direction of the hammer hit the back plate again broken , rough , broken in one step , and finally meet the requirements of the material through the grate plates are integrated grid after unloading .
1 feed size large crushing ratio, the material evenly.
2 rough , broken step, the process is simplified.
3 the use of high wear-resistant material hammer, mostly grate hole shape.
4 supporting small power , low energy consumption , easy maintenance, less wearing parts .
Hammer crusher features structures
Hammer crusher is also called counterattack hammer crusher , crushing compression strength not more than 350MPa can be a variety of coarse , medium and fine materials ( granite , limestone, concrete, etc. ) , widely used in water and electricity , highway, artificial aggregates , crushing industry. Compared side compartment hammer mill draws more counterattack crusher principle , stone crusher mainly rely on the collision between the material and the back plate as the square box without breaking hammer hammer blow to rely more on strength .

Counterattack hammer crusher works
When working in the motor driven, high-speed rotation of the rotor , the material into the rotor plate hammer impact crusher , and then back onto the liner is broken again , and finally discharged from the discharge port . Spouts regulation also rely on the back plate and hammer the gap between adjustments.

Counterattack hammer crusher Features
A feed inlet, high crushing chamber to meet the high material hardness , block degree , the product powder less ;
2 , material vacant, broken power consumption ;
3 new hammer, impact force ;
4 , hammer shaft mounted adjustable , long life hammer ;
5 , compact, machine rigidity ;
hammer crusher:
stone crusher:


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