The development of ball mill manufacturers should follow the principles of green environmental protection

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The development of ball mill manufacturers should follow the principles of green environmental protection

Post by paulzhao on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:15 pm

Mineral resources are an important material basis for national economic and social development of more than 95% of power , more than 80 % of industrial raw materials and more than 70 % of agricultural raw materials come from mineral resources. Since the reform and opening up, economic development fast, mining also will be rapid development. But to focus only on the development of human beings rather than on environmental protection , stone washing machine resulting in the pollution of the environment and the extent of damage to the ecology and more serious. Thus, the national management of mineral resources development intensified . Improve the quality of raw materials hammer : hammer on board material not only to focus on its durability , but also has a high corrosion resistance.
Mechanical life directly affects production efficiency , unreasonable use can only increase production costs, reduce the manufacturer's profit. So should the scientific use of reasonable protection to minimize the wear and tear of mechanical components . Applied to the ball mill grinding process can also be used for the continuous operation of intermittent operation , a variety of materials will be ground into fine tailings product in grinding , and both can be used for wet grinding of dry grinding .
Two cylinder device with a ball mill was 30 angle perpendicular plane . Between the cylinder block has a weight , after which a flexible universal joint 1000-1500 revolutions / minute connected to the motor . Participate accounting for 60-70% of the volume of the grinding media in the cylinder , the diameter of the ball is often 10-50mm. Ball manufacturers should comply with the principles of green . In modern production trends , ball manufacturers use mechanical production, raise the level of mechanization is undoubtedly a lower production cost the most effective and efficient way.


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