VIPEAK grinder mill equipments promote the development of new energy

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VIPEAK grinder mill equipments promote the development of new energy Empty VIPEAK grinder mill equipments promote the development of new energy

Post by vipeakpa on Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:55 pm

The rapid development of Chinese mining machinery for coal, metal and nonmetal mines provided for the development of internationally advanced level of high quality, efficient equipment to meet economic development needs for energy and raw materials, has important significance.
Depth study of international and domestic mining machinery industry development status and trends of industry technology development trend, especially crushing mill equipment cutting-edge technology, the further development of our country and to engage in mining machinery manufacturing level to mention a profound significance. Mining machinery industry as a pillar industry in China's economic construction and social development occupies an important position. In mining, energy, transportation, and industrial raw materials and other industries, mining machinery, mining equipment and raw materials for the construction of deep processing equipment, which aims to provide a steady stream of a large number of basic industrial products and energy, great protection of the national economy healthy and rapid development. Therefore, mining machinery manufacturing countries to establish an independent industrial system became the basis for a measure of a country's industrial strength is an important symbol.
Coal gangue in tunneling, mining and washing process of discharge of solid wastes. Is carbon, the mixture of muddy and sandy shale, with a low calorific value. 20% to 30% carbon, and some contain humic acid. China has accumulated over the years gangue about 1000Mt, and each year continues to emit about 100Mt, not only the accumulation of land, but also pollute the air or cause spontaneous combustion fire. In recent years, with the various sectors of the coal gangue comprehensive utilization of the rapid rise of consciousness, how gangue turning waste into treasure? Has developed a number of domestic and Utilization. The basic principle is based on the nature of coal gangue identification and treat them differently, making the best use, and the use of a variety of ways to combine the development of a certain size and utilization systems to get the best value for money. According to China's actual situation, its use roughly five areas:
1 coal mine filling. In the gradual reform of the mining process based on the use of coal gangue filling in the underground mined-out area or directly in the ground after processing filling underground goaf.
(2) coal mining subsidence area filling, farmland reclamation and paving.
3 coal gangue power generation. Carbonaceous more high calorific coal gangue, can be used as a fluidized bed and circulating fluidized bed power.
4 The production of coal gangue brick, cement and lightweight aggregate and other building materials.

5 to extract sulfur from coal gangue concentrate and other chemical products.
Matter which way the gangue used in the final gangue by jaw crusher, impact crusher, Raymond mill, processing equipment, etc. and comprehensive utilization.

Crushing mill equipment mining machinery which is an important component parts, including jaw crusher, impact crusher and other crushing equipment and Raymond mill, high pressure micro powder mill, ultrafine powder mill, ultra- large industrial milling machines and other equipment dozens of different purposes, not only in mining, coal, power, chemicals, building materials, refractories, metallurgy, water conservancy, construction and highway industries such as deep processing of raw materials plays a huge role, and as railways, highways, utilities, municipal engineering and other construction to provide the efficient and reliable technology and equipment protection. Fast forward in mining machinery as a whole, while a high-profile grinding equipment forward, do not fall thereafter, it is bound to go the direction of innovation and technological development.
VIPEAK Mining Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. production of crushing, sand, milling equipment three series of more than 60 models of products, and is widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal, refractory materials, ceramics and other industries. In the draw domestic and foreign advanced technology, based on the optimization of the design, manufacture out to hard rock crusher, jaw crusher, sand making machine as the core of crushing and screening equipment, as well as high-grade railroad construction industry at home and abroad , highway pillar devices. Company produces various types of milling machines, modern design, grinding rate, energy savings compared with similar products are innovative, practical, metallurgical industries and various mineral grinding the best equipment.


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