The introduction of grinder mill screening technology

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The introduction of grinder mill screening technology Empty The introduction of grinder mill screening technology

Post by vipeakpa on Wed Nov 13, 2013 2:58 pm

Smile Smile Grinding cement industry requires a lot of minerals raw materials. How to reduce grinding energy consumption and improve yield and quality, so that the grinding process optimization , has been the cement industry researchers endeavors. Ordinary cement tube mill grinding , first, when the product specific surface area exceeds 340m2/kg , will produce section and paste agglomeration , but with the small size of the grinding media , because the number of multi- unit weight than large surface area per unit time impact more than the number of abrasive material , cement particle size distribution curve steep , high strength, high-fine grinding of cement would not have arisen cement cohesion and agglomeration ; second is due to the material in the mill within the various parts of the different particle size is not conducive to the material mixed with different grinding crushing or grinding , resulting in high energy consumption , low output . In recent years, carried out on the tube mill mill sieving transformation ( also known as high-yield high-fine grinding internal modification techniques ) because of its power without increasing the device , just mill internal structure transformation. Up to increase production, reduce power consumption, increase the specific surface area of the finished object . And because of less investment , technological innovation time is short , so very popular. The principle screening mill transformation is set within ordinary pipe mill to replace the original screening device compartment device for the former warehouse materials for mandatory screening , blocking large particles , so that these large particles still back the ball position continue with the large size of the ball crushing , qualified fine material into the post position . Meanwhile according to the characteristics of the material itself , granularity, process conditions , all positions with the right ball , paragraph gradation, after entering the position to control the average particle size of the material . Grinding positions and a large surface area of the small size grinding , grinding mill greatly improved ability to obtain high -yield, high specific surface area of the finished product, to maximize the efficiency of the grinding mill . Sieving mill transformation so that the material is essentially in the mill grinding with corresponding size progressively grinding , screening and timely step by step , thereby allowing the material in the case of low power consumption, ground into the finished product.
So how would an ordinary pipe mill transformed into high-yield screening mill it ?
Three aspects: First, we must select the good performance of the mill screening device ; two is to make the inside of the mill scientific process parameters adjustment ; Third, the transformation process of communication with both sides , three indispensable.


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