Seven principles of grinder mill bearing maintenance

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Seven principles of grinder mill bearing maintenance Empty Seven principles of grinder mill bearing maintenance

Post by vipakpau on Mon Jun 23, 2014 2:36 pm

Once you have something that is affordable , have , the more burdensome . Some things obviously have , but do not belong to you ; Some things did not seem to have , but it belongs to you <a href="">grinding mill</a>. So, what to have and what not to have it? How much have we do? Thus , I am reminded of the phrase Chan Yu - better to let go , the more put down , the more I have more . Mill bearings are the backbone of the mill , so vital to the maintenance of bearings, how to care for mill bearing it? Here to give you a summary of the seven criteria for the maintenance of bearings : 1 , all load bearing shoulder machine , good lubrication and bearing life of a great relationship , it directly affects the life and the operation rate of the machine, so the injection lubrication oil must be clean, seal must be good . 2 , the newly installed tires prone to loosening must always be checked. 3, note that each part of the machine is working properly . 4 , pay attention to check the degree of wear of wear parts , pay attention to replace worn parts. 5, the base of the plane should remove dust and other objects to avoid activities bearing on the bottom shelf can not move the machine could not have broken the material , resulting in a serious accident. 6 , bearing temperature rise , the reasons should be eliminated immediately stopped and checked . 7 , when the turning gear operation should be immediately stopped if the impact of the sound check and eliminate .


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