Why ball mill temperature rise suddenly?

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Why ball mill temperature rise suddenly? Empty Why ball mill temperature rise suddenly?

Post by paulzhao on Mon Jan 13, 2014 1:44 pm

In the use of the process, we often find that the ball mill and motor bearing temperature exceeds requirements. Encounter this problem , do not worry . First, try to touch his hand bearing a partial or entire temperature is too high, then the following aspects check processing mill .
1 Check each part of the lubrication points , oil grades used are consistent with equipment factory manual .
2 Check whether the deterioration mill lubricants and greases .
3 Check whether there is a horizontal mill lubrication piping blockage or no direct access to the oil lubrication points , fuel shortage caused by fever.
4 ball bearing side of the gap is too small, the gap between the bearing and the shaft is too large, too many contact points , can not form a uniform film on the pad .
5 ball bearing grease too much or too little, too agitated to form rolling grease generates heat , and the heat is not easy to shed . Too few poor lubrication , should be required to add a little oil , usually bearing gap is 1/3 to 1/2 more appropriate .
6 the hollow shaft seal both ends of grinding tight , seal iron or direct contact with the shaft . The above problems , their reasons for processing , with the exception of the side bearing gap is too small , or the bottom of the contact angle is too large , it must be ground with a hydraulic jacking cylinder will pull out from the side of the shaft bearing , otherwise scrape Research watts mouth .


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