The analysis of the mill roller material

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 The analysis of the mill roller material Empty The analysis of the mill roller material

Post by paulzhao on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:11 pm

Refers to the high manganese steel is a steel that manganese content of 11% -18 % between . High manganese own good toughness, good plasticity , but the hardness is not high, only HB210, why can become excellent wear one?

The reason is that when subjected to high manganese steel external pressure and impact loads , will produce large plastic deformation or serious hardening phenomenon was violently reinforced steel hardness up HB450 ~ 550, the wear resistance is increased. The roller mill is in a constant environment impact , with high manganese appropriate. High manganese steel roller when cutting, thermal conductivity, low surface temperatures tall , high manganese steel , tool for high demands , we have adopted the general category YG carbide cutting tools . Besides the high manganese steel roller under the impact of the tool surface austenite into martensite founder , also resulting in hardening phenomenon , processing it more difficult , but also illustrate this point suitable for high pressure grinding roll mill .

As the high- manganese steel roller , the surface hardness will be great, and the internal organization also toughness still, so do not worry about the problem of broken roller in powder production, while others are generally high hardness brittle materials , easily broken, and this is a great high manganese advantage .


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