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What is the function of mill roller?

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What is the function of mill roller? Empty What is the function of mill roller?

Post by paulzhao Mon Jan 13, 2014 2:18 pm

Roller mill belonging to abrasive wear, due to the plow or micro fracture pressure on people cause wear and fatigue spalling spalling fracture wear occur simultaneously.

When grinding, grinding roller and grinding ring and its main role, we can say they are an integral and complementary, one can work less, so today the roller and grinding roller mill in superfine sort out the role of : The ultrafine mill in the ring roller mill is used to grind the main moving parts of the material used to form the extrusion grinding grinding materials. When the machine work can be appropriately adjusted in order to enhance the role of the grinding material on the grinding material, high pressure mill can help improve grinding efficiency, increase production, reduce milling equipment metal consumption. Ring roller mill can also be used to protect the mill cylinder, so that the cylinder from the grinding of materials and material direct impact and friction, avoid causing losses. Meanwhile you can use to adjust the gap between the different roller mill discharge size, have affordable access to the fineness of the product or production materials.


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