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The operating skills of grinding mill

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The operating skills of grinding mill Empty The operating skills of grinding mill

Post by tonyttube Wed Feb 05, 2014 12:52 pm

General mill equipment starts grinding roller rotates in the ready state , two rolls of larger spacing , do not feed . If you need to grind , it is usually so slow roller to roll around quickly called into the roll , while feeding mechanism starts feeding equipment in a transitional state. During the transition state, the feeding mechanism , rolling from the adjustment mechanism in the mechanical movements. When the two work rolls roll spacing equal distance , the two rollers closing , in working condition, begin normal grinding. To exit the working state , the slow roll away quickly roll back roll start and stop feeding the device through the transition state back to the ready state.
Continuous and stable feeding mechanism so that the material into the grinding zone and spread evenly roller working width of the material . Feeding body roll grinding operation needs to work with the state , and the control feeding or stop feeding . In the higher degree of automation equipment , feeding mechanism can automatically adjust according to how much feed flow quantity . Mill roller mill at both ends of the adjustment mechanism that can control the grinding rolls forward, back and adjust the size of rolling away . Rolling distance adjustment mechanism is often used pneumatic system drive forward, back rolls , fewer hydraulic controls . Usually adjusted manually rolled away .
General into the grinding mill water fail, they will make the heart grinding operation more difficult . Run time is too short will make oatmeal wheat moisture higher impact on the skin grinding mill . Therefore, after Jimmy road handling , road before entering the pink , Ding Yi nature net wheat flour on the need to meet the requirements .
Uniformity of particle size material into the mill grinding operation on the heart level greater impact , especially materials containing powder is large, will directly affect the device to take flour yield . It should be noted the Road sifting device 's effectiveness , especially for milling machines sifting effect should always check . Vipeak production of industrial mill , YGM high pressure industrial milling machines, large 6R high pressure mill, high pressure micro powder mill mill and other industrial products , giving you more choices. We are also responsible for the entire mill equipment design, manufacture , installation guide, commissioning and technical services. Give you more confidence , more peace of mind .
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