The market changes and patterns of the crusher industry at home and abroad

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The market changes and patterns of the crusher industry at home and abroad Empty The market changes and patterns of the crusher industry at home and abroad

Post by vipeak588 on Tue Jul 08, 2014 2:38 pm

  With rising labor costs , RMB appreciation, inflationary pressures increase , Crusher enterprise product prices led to rising costs , the advantages of the crusher industry has gradually weakened, some multinational companies began to shift to the production plant costs more affordable other emerging market countries ; so we need to correctly understand China's current economy to the changing environment and crack overcapacity problem. Currently crusher industry more technology and business model needs an upgrade , rather than simply the total size growth.
    Our crusher industry faces international and domestic markets , on the one hand to continue to seize the overseas market , especially in emerging market countries to expand and seek new growth points abroad ; hand, we should pay attention to nurturing and developing the local market , according to the domestic market demand for research and development of marketable products , to achieve internal and external needs wheel drive, for the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing sector to open up a broader market space ; competition in the international market in the future , the face of these worries long and short term , Zhengzhou Vipeak Heavy Industries will continue to innovation and development, to enhance their own and the industry 's overall quality and level of development, a good grasp of the overall pattern of change in the future direction for the development of the industry to do the crusher -oriented work .
    Currently many domestic mining machinery enterprises faced not only the domestic market slowed down , the market saturation increases and other issues, and equipment from abroad has become a high-tech enterprise adds a lot of pressure , but due to the development of crusher equipment is to large-scale , automated , intelligent, integrated direction progress , crusher equipment market demand is also further increased. Especially in recent years , the country's crusher equipment has gone through several rounds of updates, mining machinery industry, the rise in industrial output and industrial progress is also rising , driven by the level of its scientific and technological content , which is what the market needs high-tech technology and equipment, and mining machinery and construction equipment in the international mining is playing an increasingly important role , crusher equipment has been in high demand , high growth trend. I believe in the near future, the development of China's mining machinery will be able and international technical standards.
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