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Quartzite with applications on glass crusher equipment in

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Quartzite with applications on glass crusher equipment in Empty Quartzite with applications on glass crusher equipment in

Post by vipeakclaire Tue Sep 09, 2014 4:25 pm

The current crusher equipment for crushing the short head cone crusher, medium cone crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, roll crusher, crusher crushing-type jaw crusher and so on. In recent emergence of ultra-fine crushing crusher output more granular product, crusher design new varieties, used as a rough, broken equipment. According to the different needs of customers, in the crushing area requires increasingly common phenomenon of crushing effect
I produced WKS cone crusher (PY Series spring cone crusher improved models) applicable to crushing medium hardness of various minerals and rock crushing. Has been successfully applied to glass quartzite, metallurgical quartzite, limestone, calcium carbide, and talc crushing and cement clinker crusher.
Glass with quartzite, the main mineral quartz, mica minerals and may contain hematite, goethite, etc. Quartzite is a metamorphic rock composed mainly of quartz (quartzite content greater than 85%), quartz sandstone and chert formation by metamorphism. And has a high hardness, water absorption than the end of fine particles, structure, quartzite brittle texture, bending strength is not good good, easy short crack, some varieties of high radiation stone crusher characteristics, so that ordinary crushing equipment crushing boredom more difficult , it is difficult to achieve the desired results. The WKS cone crusher has a special spring insurance system, which is the overload protection device allowing metallic foreign body through the crushing chamber without damage to the machine, use dry oil seal forms, make powder and lubricants isolation, to ensure reliable operation
Widespread use by processed quartzite, an important raw material for manufacturing can be glass, ceramics, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery, electronics, rubber, plastics, paint and other industries of. Quartzite also has excellent heat resistance, through physical processing of different granularity, as steel refractories.


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