Fly ash processing let VIPEAK mill sales surge

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 Fly ash processing let VIPEAK mill sales surge Empty Fly ash processing let VIPEAK mill sales surge

Post by paulzhao on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:06 pm

Now the rapid development of infrastructure , the use of fly ash, lime and cement infrastructure more powder , and a variety of industrial powders have achieved great success. Building materials , especially fly ash mixed with the roads built , bridges and other grassroots has been very common. As a producer of powder processing equipment - VIPEAK mill equipment manufacturers as well aware of fly ash with hydraulic retarding type , its strength can be increased with age at a certain humidity and temperature , with good board body and distribution of load capacity . This performance of fly ash materials VIPEAK mill specializing in the production of fly ash .
Fly ash, limestone and other materials after mixing mill processing can be used as roadbed filler , about 6% of fly ash mixed with cement mixed with about 12% , can be used to fill the trench and pavement , especially to reach hardness of ash not on the environment , particularly natural cause any pollution of water resources , their strength is also relatively high. At any time and fly ash mixed materials can improve the early strength of the pavement. Especially when limestone , fly ash is not yet fully solidified, the combined aggregate played a homely role, which point to get up early to run into traffic on the road is extremely important , and after complete solidification of fly ash concrete aggregate and can improve the strength of the plate .
VIPEAK mill equipment customers are mostly recently re- use of fly ash impact on industrial milling machine market , while VIPEAK quickly adjusted to achieve further technical reforms on industrial milling machines. Has developed the production of Raymond mill , high pressure hanging roller mill, ball mill and so on all aspects of the industry to meet the needs of industrial milling machines on the market.


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