Ball mill and other processing equipment should precaution about the dangers of environmental pollution

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Ball mill and other processing equipment should precaution about the dangers of environmental pollution Empty Ball mill and other processing equipment should precaution about the dangers of environmental pollution

Post by paulzhao on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:07 pm

Xiaojiang River milky due dubbed "Milk River ." Some villagers said that the direct use of water will cause watering watermelon production, due to the Department of suspected contamination , and local authorities have claimed that " meet the water quality standards ." After the relevant reports public , causing widespread concern.
According Dongchuan District Standing Committee , Deputy Mayor Lin Hua Bulletin, contaminated river refers Xiaoqing White River Junction to Mongolia with the big four stations regardless of total length of 25 km of the small section of the river , the river basin is not used as drinking water , only as agricultural irrigation water along the beach . A total of 45 watershed mill processing equipment manufacturers, including April 1 has 28 discontinued rectification, 17 production . After April 1 remediation , there are six discontinued rectification , the existing 11 companies have tailings , can discharge standards and normal production. April 3 , Dongchuan District, EPA removed the media exposure of the outfall , after investigation, a total of five watershed beneficiation enterprises have set up illegal underground pipe sewage and other illegal activities.
Since April 1 , Dongchuan District environmental inspectors and the provincial and municipal environmental monitoring staff work together to Tangdan Area 45 mineral companies LaWangShi ; convection within the environmental protection facilities are not perfect, imperfect power companies all rectification, the rectification can be carried out after the completion of the experience received qualified production ; convection within kangaroo underground pipe sewage companies all high-limit penalties and removal of illegal sewage underground pipe ; publicly District Environmental Protection Bureau responsible comrades and 24 hours supervision and reporting telephone , rewards report illegal acts of sewage ; led by district -level leadership , daily inspections of the river flow , ensuring the river restored ; monitoring small river water every day , to grasp the water quality .
It is reported that , Dongchuan District will continue to crack down on illegal businesses at the same time , on April 20 to develop a comprehensive management approach to a small river .
After the pollution incident was exposed, Kunming, Yunnan Province, Department of Environmental Protection in conjunction with the Environmental Protection Agency to send someone quickly rushed to the scene investigation. For a small section of the river section beneficiation corporate environmental consciousness, the presence of illegal sewage situation , some companies beneficiation tailings facility is imperfect, the existence of environmental pollution risks , some dressing corporate environmental procedures are not perfect, has not yet passed the final acceptance of environmental protection and other issues , the Provincial Environmental Protection Office proposed harsh treatment advice and corrective measures .


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