How to solve the oil leakage of ball mill equipment

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How to solve the oil leakage of ball mill equipment Empty How to solve the oil leakage of ball mill equipment

Post by paulzhao on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:17 pm

VIPEAK best ball Zhengzhou is a manufacturer of mineral processing equipment manufacturers , has twenty years of production experience in the installation , is to mill , for example, it said the phenomenon of the device appears in the process of using tile oil leakage .
First: the mill running for some time , the fuel injection orifice tube is clogged some impurities in the oil , then the oil pressure fuel injection pipe rises , causing traffic jam the other hole is not increased, but close slinger spray the oil will splash shed hole slinger outside to cause oil leakage .
Solution: time to clear the injector spray holes through the tube is blocked , and regular periodic check the injector tube , if there is blockage of the spearhead , should be promptly removed.
Note: dredge injection hole is soft tools should be used to clean , hard objects to avoid damage to the fuel injection holes .
Second, the current opening degree is large, the fuel injection quantity ( after ) Watts throttle adjustment will also increase , so the oil will be living on the outside of the hollow shaft and then splash into the slinger from the orifice , leakage from the seal of the blankets out .
Solution: proper throttle adjustment is small, this will be a corresponding reduction in the fuel injection quantity .
Note: adjusting the throttle should be performed by an experienced person to carry out, because once the throttle is closed too small will make less than the amount of oil on the bearings cause friction increases, the sharp rise in the temperature of a large tile , if not promptly treated will make large tiles were burned.


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