The reason of ball mill equipment pinion broken

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The reason of ball mill equipment pinion broken Empty The reason of ball mill equipment pinion broken

Post by paulzhao on Wed Jan 15, 2014 1:10 pm

Broken tooth pinion mill , ball cap has some prolapse , thus forming a small gear teeth on both sides of the gap error term is about 10mm, far beyond the " View order" rule has promised 0.15mm error. And pinion teeth broken furnace A side shortly before the # 7 mill had a severe attack with full irrigation incidents , full irrigation emerge pulverized coal buried a small gear cover . Operating personnel to quickly recover the normal operation of the ball mill ,
The adoption of a forced change of the ball mill disposal methods , the formation of the overall relocation pinion (when not found ) , the addendum further increase the gap . Results of operation time attack not long broken teeth . January 1997 on the A side of the ball cap made prolapse reset disposal. Refitted after the big gear , pinion device selection , there are two , one is in accordance with the " maintenance of order " rule addendum demand gap device , but there are oscillating pinion can show increased representation ; the other is along the original big gear tooth wear stairs orientation device , but because of the small gear teeth on both sides of the top of a gap there is error alone can attack 10mm broken tooth appearance . In practice, the selection of the latter device , the results of running around 1320h on the attack broken tooth appearance . Broken teeth prevention approach: a new pinion gear tooth tip gap should take 0.25m (m is the modulus gear ) . Back pinion installed after maintenance should be worn as close to the size of the step bearing unit at the root of the gear teeth , can not do the addendum will be appropriate to leave a large gap , but the maximum should not exceed 0.45m. Otherwise, go chisel should be adopted or polished off the tooth surface disposal options worn steps , if there is a disposition must be thinking hard flip or replace the pinion. Ball every launch , the pinion must have been a huge impact shocks, ball too frequent fatigue life expectancy will make launching pinion declined significantly.


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